Wednesday, March 17

Selective Still-lifes

My 12 & 13 year olds also did a still-life drawing this session. They each were allowed to select an object of interest from the fabulous grandma's attic of a prop closet at Fleisher and place it in the set-up. This way, hopefully they felt some connection to the objects they were drawing. The students were encouraged to try out multiple compositions in thumbnail sketches before starting their large drawing, and also work from big/general shapes to smaller details and have light, medium, and dark values.
Students worked in conte crayon on colored pastel paper.
They were encouraged not to forget the background, so there are some room details.They were also encouraged to really look. Look more often than draw and trust their eyes, not their memory.
I'm really pleased!

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  1. Those are GOOD drawings! And how refreshing to see such an interesting still life arrangement.