Sunday, March 27

Daily Notes 11-12-13

March has proved to be miserable. While Spring has supposedly arrived, my last 2 weeks of patches have remained dark. I prepared piece #12 in time, but then this past week I felt no motivation to stitch it. It was such a bad week, I didn't want to revisit it through stitching. On the other hand, I was also trying to complete an entirely separate piece of embroidery in preparation for Good Friday. Since the other piece had to meet a deadline, the daily notes strip stayed on the back burner.
This past week (#13) I've been on Spring Break from school. It was a much-needed rest and relief from this past month of stress, bad news, and worry. But perhaps things are looking up. The palette for #13 feels calmer. Soon I'll have to find another way to hang the piece- I'm running out of space above my desk.

Sunday, March 6

Daily notes 8-9-10

Week 8 was very creative. My daughter won a regional Shakespeare Monologue contest, I got a bit carried away with teaching color theory, I turned 38, I helped my 7th graders make about 80 clay creatures (leaving my hands dry and cracked from clay all week), I showed my screenprinting students how to create Benday dots, and I had a lovely walk in the woods.

In preparation for week 9 I dumped out my scrap box and went digging. But it really is starting to feel a little stale now. If anyone wants to send me scraps of fabric I'd happily do a small exchange (just comment). My aunt sent me some, which will find their way into one of these strips sooner or later.
Week 9 brightened to match the warmer weather, perhaps. I was thinking about math and surface area, braiding, types of mark, different roles I have at work, a little Moroccan inspiration,and another walk in the woods. Someday I really need to find somewhere closer to the Wissahickon to live.
 The strip for Week 10 has begun. March has not started off very well- but every day is just a pixel in the bigger picture. I have to keep remembering that.
Two months worth of strips now hang in my studio. They are starting to really look like something substantial, and I have a glimmer of what this will all look like in the end. I am enjoying the daily ritual  of journaling and the weekend ritual of finding fabrics and stitching. It's becoming a positive habit.