Saturday, October 18


I'm happy. Work is good. Life is good. Lately I'm noticing how important it is to feel connected to people. Here are some pretty awesome people I'm glad to have in my circle:
 We're a group of early-career art teachers who meet up at Tyler once a month to share ideas and stories. It's good to share with people who understand your challenges...

I miss another group that had come to be valuable to me... Last year I went to a yoga class every week at the YMCA. But now that I'm working 5 days a week at school, it conflicts. However, my teacher has been hosting a Flash Mob Yoga event at Love Park once a month. It as nice to see some of the crew and my wonderful teacher, Joy. She had a friend photographing the event, and shared this one with me:
I think it is the best picture I've ever seen of myself! I'm in balance. Exercise is a relatively new thing in my life. I always hated gym class, I couldn't run and move like other kids. But all the yoga last year started me off. Since school began in August I've been riding my bike to work almost every day- 10 miles a day!!! It has made a huge difference in how I feel. I have more energy and a way to relieve stress, and my inner self and outer self are starting to feel more unified. To have a body that can do what you want to do is a blessing.
Now if I can only find more time to make art I'll really feel in balance...