Friday, August 5

New Skillshare class!

I am so excited to share that I have created a class on Skillshare, and it is now available!
Skillshare is a fabulous community of teachers and learners that works on a subscription basis just like Netflix. You can sign up through this referral link for a special deal on subscription and take my class!
I created a class called "Stitch Your Pics: Printing and Stitching your Photos on Fabric", and if you sign up you can view all my tips and tricks for getting your photos out of the cloud, stitched, and onto your wall. The videos include how to pick out good photos for embroidery, how to print them onto fabric, how to practice 5 handy embroidery stitches, how to match stitch textures to photo imagery, and how to frame your work.
I know some of you out there miss me teaching my Stitch and Surface class at Fleisher, but now you can get all my words of wisdom on Skillshare whenever you want!
I hope you'll join me--> Click here for Skillshare