Sunday, January 18

Happy New Year

I've started this New Year with 2 synchronistic opportunities. A group of art teachers I'm in has decided to work through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and one of the ministers at the Philadelphia Cathedral decided to lead a group through The Artist's Rule by Christine Paintner. It may be overkill doing both at the same time, but they are VERY similar in nature, and are intended to help lead people back into their creative selves and practice.
In the past 3 weeks I have nearly filled an entire sketchbook with writing and drawing and collaging and painting, because the Way recommends doing 3 pages of emptying the brain onto paper a day. The image above is response to a challenge in the Rule to write oneself a blessing for creative work. I wrote 3 pages of blessings, and this one was the most succinct.
I just sold 2 artworks from a show that I was invited to be a part of. I need to say YES to opportunities more often. I was just invited for another show. YES.
YES to making art.
YES to showing art.
YES to sharing with friends and students.
YES to loving my family.
YES to being myself.