Wednesday, March 10

"Women" at International House

Congratulations to all the artists that participated in "Women" at International House which opened Monday night in coordination with the International Women's Day celebration! The show is only up till Saturday, but it's a great show worth seeing. It's great to see work by some of our newer members as well as by some returning members (and of course the usual suspects!).
I feel like this is one of the most cohesive shows we've ever had. The challenge with working with a group of various artists is finding ways to fit together the interests and mediums of those diverse people. This exhibit has a range of media, but the "Women" theme pulled it together beautifully. For a long time it seemed like we had a lot of printmakers in the group, but lately there's been a nice range of fiber focus as well.
Pam Flynn, a professor of art at Holy Family College, had 2 embroidered works on paper: the mandala/shield/breast above and the paper doll below.
Joanna Fulginiti has delved deeper into fiber, edging out the paint. Her work and her framing technique below were intriguing. The gross-out factor of the surgical drawing are tempered by the patterning and lush colors. It reminds me a bit of the Catholic "Sacred Hearts"- gory but beautiful.
Qaadira Allen stands proudly with her off-loom inspires piece. She recently took a class with Lewis Knauss who was my former fibers teacher. I like the blending of bowl/belly, bark/skin in this sculptural paper and fiber piece.
There's a lot of fantastic work in this show, so if you're in Philly, hurry over to International House before it disappears! For other press check this out.

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