Saturday, March 13

Sepviva and Susquehanna

I pass this wall nearly every morning as I head to my favorite cafe for breakfast after dropping off my daughter at school. I don't know why, really, but I love this graffiti: So I started this piece:
And I stitched:And then I obsessively stitched from 10pm till 4am last night to complete it, cause I want to put it in my show coming up:
I don't really know what it says exactly- I think it's "badass" but I could be totally wrong. I stuck in my own "Me" tag at the bottom right (don't I have awesome initials?).
And then this morning I walked by the wall and found it had changed. This is what I love about my whole urban embroidery series. By the time I finish the piece (and this one only took me 3 nights of work!) the place I'm documenting always changes, sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically.


  1. Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your blog, which I found via Gerdiary. I really like the layering in this stitched piece.

  2. I love graffiti, too! Yay! I have a project called FiberGraf with a graffiti artist. I transform his tags into embroideries. Some are comprised entirely of French knots, and take me months to make!

    In the future, maybe we can chat about proposing a show together of embroidered graffiti?

  3. @Kaye- thanks for stopping by and commenting- I hadn't even realized Gerdiary (love her!) had linked me. I like your leafkeepers on your blog.
    @Iviva- I've lurked and seen your graffiti pieces! I definitely like the idea of a graffiti embroidery exhibit. Do you have a venue in mind? Do you know any other graffiti stitchers?

  4. I really like this piece. I will look forward to seeing it in person.

  5. Meant to include...that seed stitch looks so easy, but I can't come close... wow stitching til 4 ah to be young again.

  6. Thanks Dianne, the piece will be in the Stratasphere show next month!
    Seed stitch is such a great texture but very hard to be "random".

  7. Marie, I do not have a venue in mind, but I constantly research opportunities, and will be in touch if something arises.

    I have not been to Philly in a while, but I used to visit at least once a year. I would stay with my good friend Rachel Udell, a crochet and knitting artist, whom you've met. I hope to have an opportunity to visit again this spring or summer.