Wednesday, March 31

Norris Street

Tomorrow I have a critique in my surface design class on our midterm "pieces" project. It was supposed to incorporate some kind of piecing of fabrics we had manipulated, and was also supposed to be a "12 hour" project. I think the time guideline was to ensure that people made the effort, but I've gone way past 12 hours on this one. Probably double that.
It's about 8x10 inches and includes a base layer of brown linen, a middle layer of 6 dyed cotton and silk scraps leftover from our early samples, and an overlay of my sculptural shibori in silk organza. The entire pieces was kantha stitched to fuse the layers and create a brick-like texture. The brown window square is reverse applique. The organza is slashed in certain areas to let the underlying color peek through. The brown vines up top are done in coral stitch, and the river mural is done in rayon satin stitch. I only had white bias tape, so I dyed it navy to bind the edges. (It was a REALLY old package of bias- original price 5cents!) The color is really different from the original inspiration image, but that's just artistic license... that and working with what I've got. I'm happy with the texture and color complexity.

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