Wednesday, March 17

There's something in the air

Iviva Olenick over at Were I so Besotted and I have been having a little graffiti-embroidery fest.The top image is collaborative work she does with graffiti artist Jon Baker, but it's also creeping into her personal work. I'm really in love with her sign below and the embroidered maps she's been doing and leaving in public spaces.Now that the snow is gone and Spring is edging in, I'm out on the bike more and enjoying all the great walls along my path. Graffiti has exploded in my neighborhood recently. Usually I don't mind, but there's been some tagging over a mural that was only painted last summer along Norris street. That's just not cool. Below is one of the walls in the multi-panel mural which explores waterways. I love how the painted blue echoes/is echoed by the vine stretching over the wall. I also think it's interesting that the mural arts program didn't paint over the whole wall on this one, leaving great texture in the paint and brick.I also like this very crumbly brick wall on Cecil B. Moore. The photo really didn't capture it- the bright oranges against the painted red 2nd story and a turquoise awning on the side. These are just going to have to be dreams for the moment, cause there's too much other classwork and show preparation to be done right now.

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