Thursday, March 25

What a world..

My surface design prof, Lorraine Glessner asked us to troll through her blog archives to find 3 artists we found interesting. It's quite a feat, because she's gathered a vast collection of interesting artists. She should start curating shows.

How to beat the high cost of living

First up, Josh Faught. I like his eclectic use of materials from everyday life, and the dense textures he creates, especially in the larger wall pieces. They have the same feel as the gritty city walls I've been photographing.



Next, Jacob Hashimoto who makes these amazing 2D/3D constructions/space drawings/paintings made of components of repeating shapes and patterns connected with thread.

Broken Red Circuit

Circumstances and Coincidences

Finally, Emily Miah Stewart who does amazing quilt/embroideries based on maps and memory.

California Routine

Daily Map

Walk in the morning

I'm drooling over these maps. Based on all 3, you can tell I'm more drawn to complex abstract images with pattern, texture, and geometry. I have to start planning my final project, which is supposed to be large format. Let's see what happens.

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