Sunday, March 14

From snow dye to print paste

Over this past week I've been working on a multi-method sample piece for my surface design class. It started off with a snow-dyed background: Then had print-paste syringe-drawing in blue and print-paste brayer-rolling over a grid texture in black (which came out rust-colored). I stenciled discharge paste to lighten areas, and then stenciled print paste in orange:
Then I tried potato dextrin with green print paste sponged through the cracks to make a border:That didn't do too much to create contrast, so finally I stencilled a third flower layer in warm brown. The plastic wrap is covering these two images because I was batching the dye. I have to turn it in tomorrow. To me it feels like a crazy mish-mash of color and pattern, not my usual thing at all, but we'll see what happens. Using procion and print paste takes too long!


  1. Looks pretty good to me! I think the green lines and darker flowers really make it.

  2. I wasn't happy until I put the darker flowers in. Everybody keeps saying it's great, so I'll just have to believe it I guess!
    I'm my own worst critic...