Friday, January 29

Scott Andresen

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might be able to understand what I like about Andresen's work. See more here.
They're made of found street "fabrics"- plastic bags, hardware cloth, broken umbrella nylon, etc. With the pieces cut and woven together and then stitched. I like the patterning that occurs at the meeting of the various surfaces. It reminds me that here in America we have very few indigenous textile traditions. (I mean from colonists not first nations) Everything "American" is just a mishmash of other cultural traditions. Somehow this feels American to me. I think it's the use of waste materials, leftover from our consumer society. Yeah, that's it.


  1. these are fantastic pieces, I love them.
    Thanks for the smocking tip. Problem is I don't have room to leave it permanently threaded as it has to be put away after every use. Karen

  2. Hey Karen, my mom would use little spools I think, not the normal sized ones and she had a box she kept the machine in, and she'd just plop the spools in to the box along with the machine. It took a little bit of untangling, but at least not rethreading.