Monday, January 18

Wedding dress

Holly- this is your spoiler alert! Go back to wedding planning and stop reading this right now! Eh- I don't think my sister reads my blog anyway.It's like pulling teeth to get my kid to dress up in anything other than jeans and t-shirts, but I somehow convinced her that this dress was awesome and would be even better if I added some embroidery. So plain black wrap dress, although snappy, is tween-ified with the addition of a vine and owl motif. She'll be wearing it next weekend at my little sister's wedding.I had her look through some copyright free image books to find a motif she liked. I was all for a flowers, but she wanted a bird. So we planned the design together, she chose the colors and colored in my tracing so I'd know what to put where, and here it is. Whipped running stitch for the vine, detached chain anchored with a bullion for the leaves, encroaching satin for the body of the owl, buttonhole for wings, crowsfoot ears, eyelet and buttonhole wheel with a whipped ring for the eyes.GIFT SPOILER! While dress shopping I also picked up some plain napkins and a tablecloth to give as a gift. They said no gifts, but come on! She's my sister! So I found a sweet Pennsylvania Dutch-Style hearts and tulips motif, played around with it a little and added the couple's initials. This motif is for the napkins and they're all transferred and awaiting my needle and thread. There's a larger motif for the tablecloth. Chances I get this all done by Sunday, on top of the 3 classes I'm teaching and the 4 I'm taking that start this week? This will be a feat worthy of medals.

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