Friday, January 8


Yesterday's focus on Andrew Wyeth plus a light snowfall overnight convinced me we had to head down to Brandywine River Valley this morning to revel in the cold and the landscape. This is at Brandywine Battlefield. This is from the windows of the Brandywine River Museum, overlooking the river. The museum's in an old grist mill and has a fantastic collection of Wyeth family works and Children's book illustrations by artists like Jessie Wilcox Smith. Below is a series of journey sketches from the ride back to Philadelphia. This is my favorite time of year for color in the landscape. You think everything is just bleak, but there's all kinds of subtleties in the trees and dry grasses.I've got one more week of free-time. Next week classes start at Fleisher, then it's back to grad school whirlwind the week after. Tomorrow I'm getting up outrageously early to take my Praxis I exam for teacher certification. Wish me luck!

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