Thursday, January 28

Fabric, Pattern & Image

Thought I'd give you a peek into my sketchbook for the Fabric, Pattern, & Image course I'm taking. It's mostly a dye experiment course with lots of exploration of resist techniques. Our sketchbook is a resource we develop and can return to for future projects.
We started off trying to match a paint chip (hmmm, this is just like the paces I put my color theory students through!)Tested the same dyes on both cotton and silk to see the differences. Tested the difference between dye mixture and overdyeing. Threw in a simple rubber band resist on the overdye below.
Our assignment this week is to put together color harmonies pulled from magazine pictures. Some people were just cutting out swatches of color and pasting them in rows, but I can't resist a little compositional play.
It's another assignment I also make my color theory students do. It's fun to be the one playing instead of the one telling other people what to do for a change.
This screengrab below is the image I'm basing my first digital print on fabric off of for my other studio class. We've been manipulating our sketches in photoshop and paperbacked our fabrics today. Tuesday will be the day to print! It's fun being in studio classes learning new techniques. I don't even feel like I'm in a class- I'm having too much fun playing.

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