Monday, January 4


So I have a short lull now before classes start up again, and I'm trying to use it wisely. Today I spent some time at the computer lab at school revamping my handouts for Stitch and Surface. I figure if I can have all my handouts ready for the semester then I can walk in, teach, and rush out to the class that starts RIGHT afterwards, and my students won't lose out when I'm too busy to do anything extra once school starts. Be Prepared- is the Boy Scout motto my dad always told us.I'm going to try a new sampler version this semester. I think I'll have my students make a sampler book, with experiments on individual stitches on each "page". Each of these rectangles is about the size of an ATC, and I'll fold the fabric in half and seam the edges to make a pamphlet, then bind all the pamphlets together.Chain stitch variations are still in progress. I still want to add the twisted chain cable stitch and some lazy daisiesI really love my buttonhole page, especially the 2 band sections where you do two rows facing each other. French-knotted tails on buttonhole are a bitch (excuse my french).I put backstitch, stem, split, and coral stitch all together because I feel like they are all poor relations, and there's not a whole lot of fanciness in backstitch. I did try the "Dot" stitch I found in the Kantha exhibit at the PMA. It's like a combination of running and backstitch.

The running stitch "page" was actually the first one I did, and I started it just after seeing the Kantha exhibit- feeling inspired.

Classes at Fleisher start on the 11th, so hopefully I'll have time to finish the sampler book sample. Oh, and it's not too late to register if you're in the Philadelphia area!

Now back to Math cramming. I'm taking my Praxis exams on Saturday morning!!!


  1. Wow! Ambitious and lovely ideas for course materials.

  2. Thanks ladies! This is just the sampler assignment. We'll be doing a self-portrait, embellished monoprinting, encrusted surfaces, and an embroidered functional object/clothing. I've had lots of students repeat the course so I try to do something different every semester. It's a bit quantity over quality, but I want to give my students a wide range of skills and a chance to experiment with lots of things.