Monday, January 18

Stitching away

Besides crafty stitching I've also been working on some art (finally!!!!). You've seen some pics before but I'm putting these together to show progression. I haven't decided whether the piece is finished yet, but it's at a good place right now. I just need to live with it for a bit.
Here it is next to its inspiration. It's a view of Palmer park from Frankford Ave. I'm trying to go for a looser interpretation than my usual. I'm deciding whether or not to put in the trees and all the rowhouse windows or not. Yeah, actually looking back over this as I edit, it's definitely not finished yet.While I live with that one I've started the next one. Nothing is stitched yet, just laid out the scraps and composition.Here's its inspiration- a rowhome remnant on York St. I spent my morning printing out all the articles I'm supposed to read for Human Development this semester. Also ordered the text book. So much to read, so much time I'd rather spend stitching. On the other hand tomorrow starts Digital printing on Fabric YES!!!!!


  1. Hi Marie! I love reading your blog and seeing all the images of your work, so beautiful! I particularly loved the piece here of Palmer Park. I think it is gorgeous without any extra details added, but I know the feeling of having something be unfinished.
    Hope you are well! Blake

  2. Thanks Blake! I'm well, but getting anxious about my schedule this semester- it's jam-packed. I was actually thinking of you when I was making this piece- kept thinking about how beautiful the juxtaposition of simple areas of color and texture are, like your collages!