Saturday, September 5

Woodford Piece complete?

Okay, Here's the hardest part of being an artist. Is it done? The staircase stitching is done now, and I've had one critique saying that the staircase by itself was elegant. But it it enough? Just the pieced map and the stitched staircase? My original plan included robins and eagles superimposed, but I have very little time left for that (a little under 2 weeks). So option 1: stretch and frame as is
option 2: go for the stitched robins and eagle
option 3: create robin and eagle silhouettes in black felt to place behind the piece and hope there's enough transparency for them to be readable.
option 4: create a diptych with the robins and eagle in another stretched piece, possibly using screenprint or image transfer for it. or make them on a transparent layer to put over top the piece.

Any thoughts out there?


  1. I like Option 3.....could you supply a light source to guarantee the shadows be seen? How about if you hand a sheet of aluminum foil or some reflective material behind the silhouettes?

  2. Thanks for the ideas.The piece will be shown in Art in City Hall in Philadelphia, which means crappy light and zero options unfortunately. I'm going to test run the silhouettes. Keep you posted!