Friday, September 25

On the walls and in the halls at Tyler

I love art school- you get to see some crazy stuff. Yesterday these urban trash monsters greeted us in the main hall at Tyler. I'm not sure what class is doing it, possibly a 3D foundations class, or maybe a public sculpture class. The week before were various kinds of habitats in the hallway. These remind me of "Where the Wild Things Are" -speaking of which, I really want to go see the movie!

This was the last week for "Artists as Educators" in the Stella Elkins Student Gallery of which I took part. There was no particular theme, but some interesting work. It's nice to see the work of my fellow grads and find out what we have in common.
Here are 2 installation shots. My work is in the center of the first one.
Here's a closer view of my work next to my classmate Charlene Melhorn's. I was very pleased to see our work together as we were following similar themes of beauty in decay in the urban environment.
Charlene's piece above is a collection of stacked, burnt, and shellacked paper with a texture that reminded me of matchbooks and the detritus of the streets. Accompanying her assemblage were a pencil drawing of a stand-alone rowhome with electrical or telephone wire and small stacks of burnt and shellacked paper with text.I also really like the sparse cityscape below by Liza Dolmetsch, my extremely helpful department grad assistant/advisor (I don't really know her exact title). The show comes down on Monday unfortunately, but I'm sure there will be more interesting things to share in the future.

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