Thursday, September 10


The cornucopia of good things keeps rolling and I keep knocking on doors and tables and floors. I'd better get a big nazar boncuk to wear all the time to ward off the evil eye or something!

  • These two pieces were dropped off this afternoon for an exhibit at the Stella Elkins Student Gallery at Tyler for the Artist as Educator show opening on the 17th I believe.

  • I'll be in the upcoming Works on Paper show at Art in City Hall as my collaborator Michelle Wilson submitted our book!
  • There was a check in the mail this afternoon for some art that got sold from Square Peg!
  • Another letter came in the mail today to say that I've been accepted as a Roster Artist with Philadelphia Art Education Partnership!
  • I'm headed up to Peter's Valley Craft Center tomorrow for Stitching in the Landscape! I promise lots of pictures!

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