Wednesday, September 16

Peters Valley Part Deux

Here are my ladies at Peters Valley last weekend! There was one more, but she was off in the back studio at the machine when I grabbed these shots. The lady in the pink shirt with the bemused expression is my lovely mother who taught me all I know and graciously lets me teach her back. This is her first piece from the weekend. It's one of the first times she's ever ventured into abstract imagery, and I was very glad she took my suggestion about putting in the large loopy cable chain element.The following 3 images were from a series of four that one prolific artist made. She seemed worried at first that she wasn't following my directions, but she seemed to have a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve and she was being wonderfully experimental, so there was no way I was going to stop that!
She was using painted backgrounds, layering them with snippets of fabrics for color and texture, and it made sense for her to use the machine as a tool for incorporating everything.

This one below is my favorite cause she used just a few layers of this very open white netting.
It's very subtle and fits the misty look of her painting She also produced this great book cover for the stitching handout I gave everyone!
The work below is by a woman who had a trip to England and Wales over the summer. She brought a postcard of an etching back and really wanted to use it for her piece. An experienced quilter, she was hoping to get away from piecing, but the image really called for it. She tried a watercolor version of her image first and then started the ambitiously large embroidery.

Here is May, my studio assistant! She was a wonderful, helpful companion to have in the class, making it easy for everyone there to use the space and find whatever was needed. She got really into the piecing of her background. While at first I was surprised at the length, really it perfectly portrays the experience of seeing the pine trees across the street from the studio!

The woman who produced the piece below came to her composition after lots of drawing outside. I'm fascinated at how people can witness the same landscape but come away with such different interpretations. Her stitching is exquisite, and I wish I could see the final finished piece!
The last piece here was created by a potter- thus the fascination with texture and the earthy colors perhaps! I enjoyed watching her work, for each piece was thought out and selected for its contribution to the harmony of the whole. We went back and forth quite a bit about the color choices. It's almost too good to change by stitching over!
It was an amazing weekend, but very tiring. I'm not used to 8-hour long classes! However, the students were intensely engaged and produced quite a bit considering our short timeframe. Hopefully they came away with the confidence to continue developing their own imagery in embroidery.

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