Tuesday, September 22

Studio progress

At my individual crit last week my advisor recommended I NOT MAKE anything, but generate a lot of source material. Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, found images, etc. to work out my ideas and establish possible paths of exploration. So here's a shot of the studio right now. Not much fiber, but lots of paper, photocopies, and drawings.
The photograph on the right side sparked a lot of material. I photoshopped it to get a repeat and explored what I could do with that.I was thinking about city life being in a neighborhood that seemingly never changes and yet is always changing. People moving in an out, celebrating, fires, trash, vacant lots, etc. I might make a zootrope animation with it. I also thought I could make a flipbook animation. So here's a storyboard with a swooping flock of starlings. And my stack of paper frames for the flipbook on the corner.Last but not least there's the map drawing I did today. I'm thinking of returning to the daily travel maps like I was doing for the Litle Berlin Collaboration. This time making a calendar out of them, and stitching over a screenprint, not drawing on mylar!


  1. Alot of tagging (the graffiti you have photographs of here) is about claiming territory. Generally for gangs, but sometimes for individuals. With all your mapmaking, surveying, etc, in this generated ephemera, you could also think about how by making a particular image, are you claiming the space somehow? And if you are, how?

    Just food for thought.

  2. That makes sense- claiming territory. I pass through the spaces and want to feel safe in them, so perhaps by reclaiming the tags I diffuse them or create safe passage for myself? Someone was shocked the other day when I said I ride my bike from Fishtown through Kensington to Temple every day- they thought I was taking my life in my hands! I never saw it as that dire..