Wednesday, September 2

First day of School

Yesterday was my first day at Tyler School of Art, where I'm attempting to get my Master's of Art Education. This semester I'm taking an art history seminar, Art Education Research, and Graduate Fibers Projects. I've attended my art history and projects class so far, and tomorrow will have the first art ed course.
The best thing that has happened in the last 2 days was being granted a STUDIO SPACE in the Fibers Department. It's really just a 6ft table in a 10 ftsq room, and I'm sharing it with 3 other fiber senior undergrads, but I don't care IT"S A STUDIO! If you've been reading, you'll know that I've been lamenting the fact that Art Ed grads don't have dedicated space.
So this evening I bought a rolling 3-drawer storage box, a brand new bicycle, and will move myself in tomorrow afternoon.

In other news, the stair stitching is complete and I'm debating whether to add the birds or not. I'll have pics in a few days.

Check out this link for an awesome sculpture artist I discovered yesterday.

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  1. Yes! Ace Gallery is perhaps my all-time favorite gallery representation. My faves from there are Tim Hawkinson, China Adams, & Tara Donovan!