Saturday, January 1


Happy New Year's again! Here in Philadelphia the year starts off with a bang and a Mummer's parade. I spent the day watching the parade on TV with some friends, but stepped out around 4 to see them up close and personal. It amazes me that all these regular Joe-schmo types get all dressed up and learn dance routines for the parade. There were a lot of masks and feathers and sequins lighting up Broad Street.

I'm wondering if there's much money in Mummer design.... The costumes are out of this world.


  1. Ha! I watched it for the first time on tv this year--I've lived here for four years and never exactly understood what it is til now. What's so amazing is how home-grown it is--you can see all the hands that go into the costumes and sets. Beats the Macy's parade hands down.

  2. That's what amazes me too. It's HUGE! So many people participate, but they're not professional dancers or performers or artists or anything. And yet it's SO well done and creative.
    next year you have to go down to Broad Street and see it in person!!!