Thursday, January 27

A Flurry

We've had way more than a flurry of snow here- enough to cancel school today and tomorrow! So I have some free time for more stitching pursuits. This is a long-awaited commission piece I'm finally getting some work done on. It'll eventually be a portrait. The section stitched above is a collar. The dark green will be a tie, and the orange a lapel. The image is very pixellated with the pieced squares. But I know it still works as a face, because when I awake to see it hanging on my inspiration board in the morning, before I put on my glasses, I can totally see the gentleman looking down at me.


  1. This looks fascinating - can't wait to see the whole thing! What size are the pieced squares?

  2. They're only about 1.5 inches, and the whole thing about 11x14. I fused the pieces to interfacing before running them through the machine as I didn't want the fine pieces to get mutilated!