Friday, January 21

Henry Bermudez pattern work

I have to design a one-day lesson plan for next week. I've been thinking about mark-making and pattern. Henry Bermudez is an amazing artist I've been thinking about using for talking about pattern with my new high school students. He's from Venezuela originally, but he now lives in Philadelphia. I'd like to introduce many contemporary artists to my students and use their work for inspiration with them. Here are some videos that talk about him and his work:


  1. Are you a member of the Surface Design Association? I wanted to let you know about scholarships we are offering to SDA members who teach art in the elementary or secondary schools (K-12) to attend our conference in Minneapolis in June. Here is a link:

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Bermudez. I know your students will be fascinated. The image of monkeys and other animals coming into the open window of his studio just cracks me up!

  3. Hi Gerrie, I'm not a member yet, but I'm considering it. There's so many organizations to be a part of!!

    And Donna, isn't that the best!? I want to talk about how his environment shows up in his work. I kind of wonder if it's changed much since he moved to Philly.

  4. Thanks for bringing Bermudez to us. I never heard of him before. I love how he as absorbed so many influences and yet expressed his own vision.