Saturday, January 15

Name challenge

It's been quite a busy week! All my Fleisher classes started (Monday nights color theory, Thursday nights Stitch and Surface, and Saturday afternoon kids silkscreen). My 30-day residency with my 3rd graders came to a close (although the final project still needs to be completed and mounted, and we might get a few more classes later in the Spring). Add a snowstorm and some deadlines and now you know why I haven't posted much lately.

But anyway, my last post shared some ideas for the scrap challenge I expected my embroidery students to work on. Here's the piece I created in response to it:
I'm recreating my Fleisher ID badge. I plan on sewing it up with a piece of card inside for sturdiness, embroidering an eyelet for the chain, and actually wearing it! The red square is reverse appliqued. There's chain stitch for the flower logo, satin stitch for Fleisher, and various straight stitches for the rest of the text. I hope to get some pictures of what some of my students made next week.
Next week classes at Tyler begin, and the week after that I start student teaching. Poor colored-thread might get neglected pretty often....

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