Sunday, January 16

Blind Contour Snow

I'm still working through my "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" book. Contour drawing is a big thing in it. Above is a blind contour drawing (I promise I wasn't looking at the paper!!!) of an SUV and a snowbank. I was very early for picking my daughter up from school the other day, so I whipped out my sketchbook, sat, and drew the scene in front of me while I waited. I really love doing blind contour. You're supposed to only look at the object being drawn, not at the page, and imagine your hand recording everything you see as you trace your eyes over the outline and edges of the object.  The resulting lines feel very fresh and active, and the longer you spend building up the drawing the more 3-dimensional it looks. I feel like I have a very strong eyes/hands connection, but it doesn't hurt to keep it well-trained.

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