Friday, December 31

Goodbye 2010!

I've just scrolled through a crazy long year of blogposts to find what I wrote at this time last year. Here is last year's. Life hasn't changed too much really. I'm a busy lady as always- family, art, school, teaching, exhibiting.

In 2010, I:
  •  learned how to digitally print on fabric and expanded my dyeing skills, two things I wish I'd done back during my BFA, and finally have under my belt.
  • was in lots of exhibits and sold more art than I've ever sold before (not that it's making a living yet by any means)
  • continued teaching adults at Fleisher with Color theory now turned into a tuition-free class!
  • taught lots more kids classes- including a slew of summer Fleisher workshops and now screenprinting with 9-11 year olds, and took over planning for NLArts summer and winter camps and First Friday workshops
  • taught 2 residencies at a public school in Northeast Philadelphia including a 10-day one with three 3rd grades and a 30-day one with one 3rd grade class
  • made it through a jam-packed semester of grad school including an internship with an elementary school art teacher, researching some history of art education, figuring out various psychology theories of learning, and painting to my heart's content
  • created both Easter and Christmas altarcloths for the Philadelphia Cathedral
In 2011 I'm looking forward to an opportunity to exhibit work at the Delaware Art Museum, my semester of student teaching at Kensington Culinary Arts High School, the end of grad school, and........ whatever life decides to bring me. Hopefully that includes some balance between work for money and work for me. My studio practice has surely taken a hit with all my other responsibilities.

I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR in 2011, filled with the warmth of family and friends and with the fulfillment of living a creative life.

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  1. I love that you included my star in your collage. I'm glad you appreciate it. MOM