Sunday, December 12

On the walls and In the halls

The end of the semester at Tyler is an explosion of installations and awesomeness. Here are my recent favorites:
 Another links and nodes space-invading structure- it's very mountainous. Best of all- it's made out of rolled up paper and tape, making this a totally accessible as well as ultimately recyclable medium for use in the classroom.

Speaking of recyclables- our final project in my materials and methods was a sculptural workshop where we had to work as teams to design "Wearable Shelters" out of found materials we'd all brought in. Below is my team's model- the "Island Beauty". Her conical hat has a water collection system with a funnel and straws to pour water into removable plastic bottles. Her wrap dress can be removed, tied between 2 trees and staked down to make a lean-to tent. She has a dual use tool with a fork/spear on one side and a shovel/spatula on the other. She has protective boots to keep her feet warm and dry. Her bag has a pocket and hanging loop to hold all her tools, and her shawl could double as a mosquito net. All practical and stylish! I think my group had the most aesthetically pleasing solution.
A few fiber majors presented their BFA thesis shows in the Stella Elkins Gallery. Allison Craft's stack of embroidered-spine books was colorful. I understand she removed the covers, stitched them, then re-attached them to the books.
 Each of the books said "This is the beginning". It's a fabulous phrase for an emerging fiber artist.
 The piece de la resistance was Patrick Burgoyne's installation "at my expense". He created 3 pup-tent structures as well as a gigantic hive-shaped shelter all crocheted out of caution tape.
 The hive had a video inside showing male deer locking antlers. It was an interesting contrast of urban/natural, safe/unsafe. I'm very excited about Burgoyne's work- I've invited him for an exhibit in the Spring!

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