Monday, December 20

calloused and hunchbacked!

The past week has been a sewing frenzy!! My right pointer and middle fingers have built up some pretty impressive callouses fom handstitching the patched jeans for one of my final projects that was due last Tuesday (sorry- no photo. The prof kept the pieces for a show in January).
I've also developed a hunchback I think, from countless hours slaving over my recalcitrant sewing machine. 
But the major thing that's kept me chained to the sewing machine for the past few days and unable to blog has been a set of 8 banners I promised for the Cathedral's Christmas Decorations. I got white silk and a saffron linen (very drapey) for 20x40 inch banners, hemmed with gold-starred ribbon and with a cut-out star motif, zigzagged in yellow rayon thread (what a bitch to work with!!), and a central shisha mirror. Here's the sketch below of how it should look in the space:
I worked till dawn last night trying to finish them for this morning (Sunday's) "Greening" of the Cathedral in preparation for Christmas services. After all that work, the brackets I rigged up to attach to the columns couldn't be attached!!! They're trying to come up with some more engineering possibilities now. At least everyone is plaeased with how the banners came out. There's one more project to complete by Wednesday: a rigid frontal with a similar cut-out technique and shisha mirrors to place in front of the altar. Here's the motif sketch:
This wouldn't be such a problem if it weren't for the fact that my sewing machine likes to skip stitches, and the rayon thread has a tendency of stripping and kinking up the works. Wish me luck.


  1. This is a massive undertaking - with so little time in which to finish it. I'm sending lots of luck your way (please don't throw your sewing machine through the window before you're finished). *smile*

  2. Thanks Penny!It was worth every broken thread and prick of the finger to see how pleased the Dean of the Cathedral was when I installed everything!