Sunday, December 26

Merry Christmas to all!

panoramic view of the Cathedral, Christmas Eve
 I've had a wonderful Christmas this year!! And of course it started off with the great pleasure of seeing my handiwork grace the beautiful Philadelphia Cathedral. It's gilding the lily, really, but the banners gave a festive air and the frontal was bold and central.
The altar frontal up close and personal
 The altar frontal tucked so perfectly under the lip of the tabletop, and it made the altar appear more substantial than it usually does when you can see through the space underneath. The only thing I was a little disappointed about, was that usually the ministers distribute the communion bread and then individuals may go up to the altar to take the cup of wine themselves (making a very intimate experience with the altar) and this time the bishop and the dean went around the gathered circle distributing both bread and wine (meaning everyone remained afar from the altar).
One of the banners mounted on a column
 I'm so pleased that our steward was able to get the brackets for the banners mounted successfully. I was so worried one might fall on someone's head in the middle of the services! But there were no mishaps. It was just a beautiful service and peaceful ambiance.
A row of bannered columns with alternating faces showing
It's funny- I feel like Christmas Eve is the religious portion of Christmas, but Christmas day is for presents and family dinners etc. Seems a bit backwards.

We've enjoyed the day playing on our new wii and feasting and singing carols with my side of the family. I hope all you out there in internetland have had as pleasant and rich a Christmas day as I have. Here are a couple of my favorite Christmas carols:

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