Friday, December 3


 I've been looking around for inspiration. I need to do one more painting for the watercolor class, preferably mixed media, but I haven't decided yet what I want to do. Colors and textures are popping out at me. I think it's this bright late fall light.
 The image above is the interior of that warehouse in Kensington that burnt down. They're in the process of demolishing it. There's a 20 ft high pile of bricks in the back. Soon it will be another empty lot in the formally industrial Kensington...
In the meantime, my fingers are busy stitching a response piece to the exhibit "Narcissus in the Studio" at PAFA. It's an excellent show- go see it! For my internship class we had to pull another theme out of the work on exhibit and make our own work of art in response. My thoughts turned to "Change", so I pulled out an old pair of my daughter's outgrown jeans along with various other bits of cloth she's worn and discarded over time to stitch and patch an artifact of childhood. I'll post pictures when it's further along.

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