Tuesday, November 2

Mapping ideas

Kensington el bridge at Lehigh, part of my daily route
Today I introduced our mapping project in Stitch and Surface. Mapping is one of my main themes, perhaps because I've traveled and lived in so many places, I'm always trying to orient myself and understand place in so many facets. I shared some of my own work, which I don't usually do, and saw that mostly I tend toward the literal side of maps.
But for sparking imagination I gave my students a list of questions and possibilities to consider. Perhaps others might like to take these under consideration:
Where are you from?
How many different places have you lived in, gone to school in, traveled to?
 Where are your ancestors from?
 Can you remember your neighbors and landmarks of the place you grew up?
Are you concerned with international politics?
 What if you were to map the journey your shirt took from being made to being worn?
What is your daily routine?
What was the most amazing trip you ever took?
What would a map of heaven look like?
 What would a map of your attic look like?

The list could go on......... why not add to it in my comments section?

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  1. The flight of a bumblebee.
    The routine of a pet.
    Getting up in the morning / Going to bed at night.
    A dream vacation.
    YOur own "Alice in WOnderland or Dorothy in Oz"