Friday, October 29

Student artwork

 I've been busy teaching and my students have been busy making over the past few weeks.
I'm doing a once-a-week internship at an elementary school in South Philly for my certification process. These images below come from a mola-inspired project I presented with my 1st grade class in oil pastel on construction paper. The students were learning about the various types of lines.
 These 2 were particularly successful and inventive, filling up most of the negative space.
 Yesterday I mounted them all on black paper as they'll be hung in the school library soon! I'm very happy with how varied and personal they all came out.

I haven't had much time for my own artwork lately, but I'm really enjoying all this work with the kids.


  1. How wonderful!! So often art is neglected in the schools. You are doing a wonderful job -- and so are the children!

  2. Thanks Penny! Spread the word- Kids need art!!