Tuesday, October 19

Blackwork flowers complete?

I've been happily stitching tonight now that my midterm exam in art ed is over. I also wanted to get this piece nearly finished to show my students tomorrow some of the possibilities. It might be finished... but I might continue it sampler-style to demonstrate some pattern stitches as a border. We'll see.
This was a lot of fun! And blackwork isn't as scary as I thought.


  1. Beautifully done! And so good to see this very traditional technique done in a contemporary way.

  2. Beautiful Beautiful! I have been learning a bit about blackwork recently, and I am realizing it is very similar to pen and ink drawing where density of strokes determines the shadow or highlight. It's funny how everything in embroidery seems to translate from painting or drawing for me....This is beautiful---I'm inspired---I think I may give it a go!

  3. really lovely marie! i want to try it as well... i'm not sure how to begin though.

  4. Thanks Everybody! @ Perpetua, I'm the same way. And Blackwork is EXACTLY like the crosshatching concept of pen and ink- the denser the pattern the darker the area.

    @Drucilla- I was stuck too, and there's not a lot of online resources, but I'll write a roundup/tutorial too.