Friday, November 12

Museums and galleries and some heavy lifting

It's been a very full day! We went to the Chemical Heritage Foundation museum this morning. It's a museum that shares the history of chemistry and its practical uses in the realms of consumerism, medicine, and technology. The best part was an interactive video menu illustrating the periodic table of elements. I also liked the part about dyes and color (hello Munsell!). It's been about 15 years since I've been in a chemistry lab, but I was surprised how much I remembered and could describe for my daughter. We only got about halfway through the museum- it's very text-heavy- so I'm sure we'll go back again. For more info check out the CHF website. The museum's on Chestnut St between 3rd and 4th and.... it's FREE!

The afternoon was spent dragging the heaviest sewing machine in the world out of a basement and into my friend's car. She's got an installation coming up at Fleisher in a few months and her sewing machine died. Hopefully with a new-to-her industrial sewing machine she'll be able to finish up her project on time. If you're curious at all, visit her website.
Finally, this evening I went over to Crane Arts for the 2nd Thursday openings, and in the Icebox Gallery saw the most gigantic concrete sculptures by Ledelle Moe. I love the rawness and sheer monumentality of her work. It reminds me of the massive scale of sculpture undertaken by the Egyptians or the Hittites in ancient times. Her drawings and etchings are impressive as well.. haunting and mythological. Check it out. Or better yet, head over to the Crane building at American and Master Streets in the South Kensington section before the end of the month.

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