Saturday, November 6

The Great Kensington Fire

There was a 3-day long 5 alarm warehouse fire in my neighborhood last week... I keep thinking about history. I live in a place that was a major hub of industry about 100 years ago. My house was likely built to accommodate factory workers. Some of the huge old warehouses and factory buildings remain, and a few have been converted into lofts and studio spaces, but many still stand empty, yawning, just asking for trouble.
In the aerial views you can see the footprints of old buildings in the vacant lots- all the now "green" space you see above. The green spaces can be seen in another perspective in Anna Neighbor's work here, click on her hideout series.

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  1. Oh gosh. That's dreadful. I live in a big old building too, and I am religious about keeping things safe. I had an architecht friend who told me that no one has ever died in a building that had an up to code, correctly installed sprinkler system! I don't know if that is true, but it makes you think...