Wednesday, November 17

On the walls and in the halls at Tyler

 There hasn't been a whole lot I've found impressive this semester on display at Tyler. But these intrigued me. I think they're from a foundations year 3-D basic design course.
 They're all sculptures made from component pieces made of plywood with notches for intersecting. I've seen many geometric style ones before, but the organic shapes in these make them unusual, and in turn the organic components lend to more organic wholes.
I think this could easily be done by young adolescents out of cardboard. And how much more fun would they be if they had the added element of color or texture? I really just want to play with these and reconfigure them all.


  1. How much fun is this!! I see a classroom project in your future.

  2. Yup! I have to stick things like that here so I don't forget the idea later on. The idea of components is really rich for an artist or an art teacher.