Tuesday, November 9

research finds

I had the luck to get my mitts on this book at the library today. (Reference use only malheureusement!)It's a 2 volume collection of samplers and embroidered pictures describing the teachers behind the stitches. If anyone wants to make my year they could buy it for me! I'm writing a paper for my History of Art Education course on the embroidery of Quaker schools in the early 19th Century. There were 2 whole chapters on the subject in here. One was on Quaker embroideries in general and another was on the Westtown school specifically.
Now if I could only find time and energy to actually read all these resources I've collected...


  1. How nice of you to make a link for ordering convenience. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas... in reverse order of course. MOM

  2. Are you SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!????????? =))))))))))