Thursday, October 8

street find slow cloths

some new work to share with you... above is detail of below, a work in progress
All of the objects in these were found as I walked through the city. There's bottle caps, earrings, mirror chunks, washers, Dave and Buster coins, bits of plastic and metal and whatnot.

I tried to keep a map-like feel to these. They're all embroidered onto stitch-resist dyed fabric. Stitching, dyeing, unpicking, restitching, embellishing, the feeling of time adds up.
Here's a current studio view. Thoughts and focus are evolving. Someday I'll finish that Trenton Ave piece!


  1. Marie, I'm loving the found objects slow cloth....documenting history with stitch. What is the wonderful stitch securing the round objects?

  2. That would be shisha work, usually used in Indian embroidery to secure small mirrors to fabric.