Friday, October 30

Happy Mother's Day (to me)

Sorry for a short detour into family life, but today marks a decade of being a mom to this amazing young lady. She's working on her second crochet project now- wrist warmers!Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program... today was a productive studio day. I spent a lot of time on my way to and from school gathering more glass and bits and pieces off the streets, with a few stops along the way to do some texture rubbings on black paper with copper caran d'ache. I'm not really sure about them yet. Just have to do more and see what happens. I pinned up the rust-dyed prints on the studio wall- here's what the assemblage looks like so far. I'd like to do a whole wall-full, but need more paper.
I'm really loving how the rust marks refer to the stitch-resist marks in the embroidered piece I've been working on. I've got some more bottlecaps stitched down on the right middle piece now, as well as all the bits on the bottom right tacked down to the fabric. I need a lot more across the glass constellation and I'm not sure now about whether to keep the bottom left finished piece in this grouping. It doesn't really fit right now.
One of the art history grads subbed for my professor yesterday- and something he said in his lecture stuck with me-- that the objects an artist choose say something about the artist, separate perhaps from what the artist is trying to say. It made me wonder what all these things I've been using say about me...

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