Monday, October 12

How I Spent my Columbus Day Vacation

The day started off waiting for the bus under I95, a convenient time and place to tag one of my new street find/tag combos. The beer bottle top is stitched on with blue thread in shisha work, making it look like a Nazar Boncuk to ward off the evil eye- I'm liking the good luck/drinking commentary that results.
I dropped off new work at The Art shop at Moore today (abstracts with text and my remixed Water, Water Everywhere crocheted pieces). While there I got to see Kim Knauer's "Keepsake" installation combining hair embroideries and this woven-hair bottomed chair. It's very Victorian reminiscent with the weeping willows (an image of mourning) and the antique chair.

I kind of wished she'd used the traditional octagonal pattern that's usually used in cane-bottomed chairs. I wonder if the strands hadn't been left hanging if the hair would have been a more interesting surprise.. I do find the hanging strands on the embroideries more interesting as it emphasizes the weepingness of the willow. The fraying of the fabric makes the hair and the fabric more related and makes the embroideries feel a bit like artifacts, a bit older.
Stopped inside the Galleries at Moore to see the bike show. I'm not really sure why it's in a gallery- it seems like something for the Franklin or some kind of technical museum. A few items saved it from being completely artless- some items from the Bike parts show by Neighborhood Bike Works. Below is Alex Paltz (spelling?) wooden fish sculpture encrusted with bike chain bits as scales. It creates great texture, and if it weren't in a bike show you might wonder for a bit what the heck he'd used.
I had to take a photo of this one because it's embroidery, although I'm not convinced that any part of it originally came FROM a bicycle. The imagery consists of scenes of Philadelphia creating a sense of journey- the road jagged and dangerous.

When I got home I FINALLY mixed up some vinegar solution, tore up some fabric, and hit the streets looking for rusty elements. I explored the fence around the local "parking lot" (really a basketball court not a place for cars, so you figure it out). The locals hanging out were curious, and after I explained I was trying to do rust dyeing, they assured me they wouldn't let any of the junkies who usually hang out round there mess with it.
Such adventures living in the great city of Philadelphia! Happy Columbus Day! May his adventurous spirit inspire you.
I'm home now enjoying tea and soup on this chilly afternoon.


  1. One day I want to just follow you around while you do this...I could be your lookout ;)