Tuesday, October 13

Letting things go

Went out this morning to re-spray my rusting pieces and found the large square I'd spent so much time stitching onto the fence had been torn off and stolen. GRRR! The 2 pieces I had wrapped around a rusty looking pole didn't have a single stain on them. GRR!

I must remind myself that the whole purpose of this collecting things and using the city as an art resource is to interact and experience the place. Part of the work is the risk taken- risk of somebody yelling at me for "invading" their space, risk of losing the work. I didn't mind so much with the graffiti embroideries, as once I stitched it and got my photograph my relationship with the piece was severed. But when I place a piece of fabric out for a time-based absorption of the place, I want it to stick around long enough for me to get a mark and reclaim the fabric.

The rust-dyed pieces aren't really rusty enough for my liking. I'm thinking of adding some stitch-resist on top of them. Results to come...

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