Friday, October 23

art on the walls and in the halls

Thursday evening we stumbled out of a long midterm review class and onto this bit of loveliness in the hallway. I'm a sucker for rainbow sorting and buttons of course. One thing I sadly do not have (yet) is an old-timey button collection. Someday...

In the meantime I do have a kind of gross street find collection of glass and wire and metal bits, slowly making its way onto my slow cloths. Here's the wall I put up for my individual critique this week. I got some suggestions for some other ways to present the tagging series and encouragement to make lots more of the 8x8 street find slowcloths and arange them in a grid for a larger piece.
Today I rode out to Manayunk (6.5 miles) to the Philadelphia Handweaver's Guild for a critique group afternoon. It was nice to be back in the world of "wow, that's beautiful" for a bit. In grad school the words "like", "love", and "enjoy" are verboten. On the way back I tried to take a different route along the Schuylkill River in order to avoid the giant Laurel Hill, which ended up taking me 11.5 miles! So now... I am very...very sore.

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