Wednesday, October 7

POST and some great artists

Last weekend I went to a few open studios during the POST tour. It's a great yearly opportunity to visit artist studios in the Philadelphia area.
I visited Rebecca Gilbert and Marisha Simons on Saturday- 2 awesome printmakers. And Darla Jackson and Lauren Comito on Sunday up at Richmond Mills studios.
Here's Lauren Comito in the co-op studio she runs- "the sweatshop". I enjoy the freshness of her painting. One of the great parts about visiting a studio is getting to see the environment that influences the work as well as all the extra sketches and old artwork that never make it to the viewer in a gallery. I especially liked the piece below, an old one with nails dangling down in front of marks on the paper. She said she really got into the act of markmaking/writing. Mark/language but not verbal. Definitely a process piece. POST continues next weekend with studios West of broad. There's just too many people I love to even start recommendations, so just check out the site and make your own itinerary.

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