Saturday, January 28

urban inspiration

Today I visited one of the artists who will be in the show I'm curating at Fleisher in April. She is a second year at PAFA, so I got to see the studios for the first time. It was a great visit, and I can't wait to see all the work together and be able to share it all with you. Leaving the 8th-floor studios of PAFA, though, I was greeted by this awesome panorama of the city to which the photo does no justice whatsoever. I think if I were at PAFA all I'd do is sit in the elevator lobby and draw and stitch all day:
 My perception of the city panorama is usually from afar as seen from 95 or the hint of skyscrapers down the tunnel of my street, a good 5 miles away. Or if I'm downtown my view is always from street level. This was a startling new perspective for me.
The panorama can go up and down as well as side to side.

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