Tuesday, January 24

Street stitching

One more piece down! This panorama started off 2 years ago while I was taking a graduate fibers course at Tyler. I don't remember what originally made me decide to do the drawing in pale grey threads on transparent white cloth. Ultimately, it wasn't what I wanted because it sat at the bottom of a work basket for 2 years. However, since I've been doing cityscapes, I pulled it out to see if it could be resurrected. Really, the problem was the transparency of the ground fabric and the lack of color. So I found a rust-colored background cloth, laid a piece of sparkly black behind the "road" area, a piece of light blue-green under the sky, and a silky green behind the trees. The embroidery was laid over top so now there is a lovely hint of color behind all the shapes.
I added in some stitches to help hold the pieces together and emphasized the tree and the lightpole with dark brown. The visual bounce between the 2 inspired me to call this "Urban Trees". There are few mature trees in my neighborhood, but there are a lot of newly planted saplings. This represents the block where I live, and the subtle color reminds me of how the world looks in an early morning fog. I've seen a lot of early mornings lately. Not easy for this night owl.


  1. beautifully done - definitely shouldn't return to the bottom of the sewing basket!

  2. this is capture the scene so well and I love the subtlety of it...

  3. Oh Karen- you just like the white! =)
    This one is headed for a gallery wall next.