Sunday, January 8

Finishing things

I got a call this afternoon asking if I'd like to come down to the Painted Bride to help install my piece in Wendy Osterweil's show. She decided to put it in exactly the spot I was hoping it would be in, right at the entrance to the downstairs space. Her tree/spirits  and leaf shadows are all hung and looking ethereal. My piece blends in so well since it used many of the same organza fabrics as her trees and has some similar textures. The swoop of it leads the eye into the space, and it's at such a great scale. The show opens February 3rd. More info here including a video of me working on this piece- although there's so much background noise I don't even know what I'm saying! I love collaboration- and Wendy was very trusting about what we would do with the materials and inspiration she provided.
 I spent this evening binding a piece that was started almost a year ago, but which has been sitting, unbound for about 6 months. Pieces like these nag on my conscience. I really don't like having unfinished projects hanging around.  After a loathesome trip to Walmart last week to get double fold bias tape, I'm ready to bind several pieces. This one looks so great with its crisp black border.
 I even added a little signature to say it's REALLY finished. There's a sketch of this project on my very first post about it. Click over, scroll down, and take a look for comparison.
I think this one will go in my solo show next month. More news on that soon.


  1. I really like the silhouette feel of the vines. It's like looking at beautiful wrought iron work. The "frosted" blocks give it depth.

  2. It was started in midwinter, with snow and skeletal vines climbing walls and fences. I'm always amazed when dead-seeming vines start to sprout buds again in the Spring. They're still "wick"