Monday, January 30

The latest sewing basket rescue

Have lots to do in the next few weeks, and a few more pieces to pull together for the solo show. Rather than start totally from scratch I'm weeding out the "UFO's" from my sewing basket to transform into "WIP's" and finally into complete works of art. This patchwork started off as 4-patch squares from my gran's 1930's era stash. I pieced them together into a 20x30 inch piece with a contrasting neutral/black/white side and a green side to roughly represent the geographical boundary between PA and NJ. I'm originally a Jersey girl but have become a Philadelphia transplant. My gran was a dairy farmer but also a great seamstress. So for me this piece will talk about family history and location, and it will pull taut the thread between my and my gran. A work begun by her hands and transformed by mine.  I intend to continue the sashiko theme of patterned stitching and build up the color and texture to unify all the patchwork.

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